Finance, Personnel and Audit Committee

Chair – Peter Nicholls

The Finance, Audit and Personnel Committee will meet four times per year and will exercise responsibility for and have oversight of the following:

  • The overall finances of Wren Academy
  • The audit and risk management functions of Wren Academy
  • The personnel of Wren Academy, including:
  • Key targets agreed by the Governing Body of Wren Academy
  • Any other matters referred to it by the Governing Body

The Committee shall be responsible for the setting up of any sub-committee to hear any matters in connection with staff disciplinary, capability, redundancy, absence or grievance matters. (See also the policies and procedures adopted by the Governors, namely: Redundancy Procedures; Grievance and Discipline Procedures; Managing Staff Sickness Absence; Capability Procedures).

Students and Communities Committee

Chair – Mel Adams

The Students and Communities Committee will meet four times per year.  The key purposes of the Committee are:

  • to examine and evaluate external examination and assessment data
  • to review and comment upon internal progress data collected during the academic year
  • to have a rolling programme of review items covering key departments and aspects of the Academy's work (e.g. enrichment, provision for the more able).  This function may necessitate the presence of invited staff members at Committee meetings.
  • to review and comment upon the Academy's provision for students with special education needs and for students eligible to be supported by Pupil Premium funding.
  • to review and comment upon the Academy's approach to managing student behaviour
  • to review and comment upon the overall shape of the curriculum
  • to examine and comment upon significant proposed changes to the curriculum
  • to receive the results of major school surveys of parents and students
  • to review and comment upon the school's reporting arrangements
  • to examine any other relevant areas if the need arises