Attendance at Governing Body Meetings 2018/19

Attendance at Governing Body Meetings


Governor name Type 28/09/2018 04/12/2018 19/03/2019 02/07/2019
Kim Archer LDBS Sponsor Governor (Chair) Y      
Mel Adams LDBS Sponsor Governor  Y      
Sylvia Duthie LDBS Sponsor Governor (Vice Chair) N      
Olivia Ellah LDBS Sponsor Governor  N      
The Reverend Dr Gregory Platten LDBS Sponsor Governor  N      
Linda Turner LDBS Sponsor Governor  Y      
Karen O'Connor Berkhamsted Sponsor Governor Y      
Fran Hargrove LA Representative Governor Y      
Diana Squires Co-opted Governor Y      
Mary Findlow Co-opted Governor N      
The Reverend Stephen Coleman Co-opted Governor N/A      
Helen Foster Parent Governor Y      
Gavin Smith Executive Principal (ex officio) Y      
Bejal Patel Staff Governor Y